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Fit+Faith VIP Accountability Group

Christian women supporting one another in a healthy mind, body and Spirit -- living our best lives for God.

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"The love, encouragement, prayers, and motivation shared within the group are so much more than I thought I would get. Dr. Melody is a ROCKSTAR and never ever lets you forget that she's right there on this journey with you - every step of the way. The group dynamic is very special and I feel so blessed to be a part of it.

I love having the group accountability because I innately try a harder, knowing that I have a group of like-minded women who are all routing for me! "
-Heather S., Portland, Oregon

Becoming a VIP means you will...

  • Finally stop "yo-yoing" and make consistent progress toward your goals
  • Be supported and encouraged every step of the way
  • Achieve your weight loss goals faster than on your own
  • Develop and implement healthy lifestyle habits to support your goals

"Having a group of encouraging women who understand what it feels like to succeed and fail is just the thing to motivate you to "try try again" rather than slip down the slope of "why bother." This program has been amazing over the last 60 days, I've made lasting changes and I don't want this momentum to stop." -Kristin N., Hadley, Massachusetts

What's the one thing you need to achieve your goals?

Drive? Yes you need to be driven in order to persevere, but there's more to it....

Motivation? You do need to be motivated but how long does that typically last?

Education? It's true you need to be educated on proper food, exercise and nutrition, but knowing it in your head doesn't always mean executing it...


Having others to support you in your efforts, to see the finish line and know you will finish, to believe in you when your hope runs thin. To pull you up to achieving the greatness and goals you know you were meant for.

Yes. Accountability. That's where the results are achieved. That's where victories are celebrated. That's where you find the extra mile inside yourself because you know others are cheering you on.

And that's what Fit+Faith VIP Members are immersed in.

"It is SO important to have group accountability because without it, you feel alone on your journey - both in successes and failures. When accountability is part of the journey, it makes everything seem much less daunting because you have a family on the same journey going through the same things." -Alexandra R., Larned, Kansas


Who we are...

Mothers. Sisters. Daughters. Friends. Accountability partners. Cheerleaders. Go-getters. Winners.

We are Christian women surrounding ourselves with other like-minded women in a tight-knit community of faith, purpose and personal growth while we work to achieve our goals.

We see the value in a community of Believers and know that accountability is the best way to succeed in your health and weight loss goals for lasting results.


What's included in VIP Membership:

  • Exclusive access to ALL online trainings in the Fit+Faith Academy for improving your health, losing weight and/or growing in your faith -- plus included free access to any and all future training courses added to the Academy

  • Private Members-Only VIP Facebook Group -- Daily accountability, inspiration, motivation and community to spur you on toward your own personal goals and connect with new friends around the glob

  • Monthly Exclusive Content -- Exclusive Live trainings and Q&A calls, just for members in our Private FB Group!

  • Personalized Exclusive Perks -- Customized Home Exercise Programs, Injury Recovery or Injury Prevention Programs -- designed on demand and by request, from me, Dr. Melody--just ASK!

  • 50% Off All Programs Not Included in Fit+Faith Academy

  • Exclusive Discounts for Private Coaching

VIP Access to Fit+Faith Academy

Plus VIP's get access to ALL future courses & trainings added to the Fit+Faith Academy

Who should NOT be a VIP?

  • If you do better going "solo" as you accomplish your goals and don't need live and immediate support, encouragement and training, then VIP might not be for you.

You can still have access to ALL of the training courses in the Fit+Faith Academy, just buy them a la carte!

But if you'd like immediate access to ALL of the courses, plus all the other VIP benefits--all for one low monthly price, then VIP is the way to go. It's up to you.

Who is Dr. Melody?

After years of training in my Doctoral studies for Physical Therapy, Health Coaching and Personal Development, I needed to fulfill a calling in my heart to merge my knowledge, passion and faith into a one-of-a-kind online community and training hub.

My own weight loss and health journey, coupled with my connections and training in the entrepreneurial community allow me a unique twist to bring you top-of-the-line training, support and education for your health, fitness and faith-journey.

Fit+Faith was born in 2015, originally as a personal blog for health and a faith-based life, but it quickly transformed into a growing online community with my private Facebook community, Worthy to Be Me.

The VIP Membership is an extension of the best of both worlds--faith based female connections and community paired with practical training and resources for achieving optimal health in your life. When your health and body are at their best, all things improve!

God can use you better and more effectively because the body He entrusted you with is being taken care of and performing at it's best level.

And that's exactly what we support and encourage in our VIP community.


More VIP Awesomeness...

Let's take a peek inside...pulling back the curtain inside the VIP Members Area...


Are you ready to become a VIP? Today's Your Day.

You're finding out about this at just the right time. It's not by accident you're here. I don't believe in coincidences--I believe God's timing is perfect and He knows what we need and when we need it.

If you've got goals and aspirations to improve your health, lose weight and/or grow closer to God, there's no easier way than connecting with other Christian women on the same journey. Together we are stronger.

Investing in yourself, your dreams and fulfilling God's purpose for your life is the best investment you can make--and our VIP Membership's low monthly cost is the perfect way to ensure your success and growth.

Join today and get started with any of the courses in the Academy and come meet the other ladies who are VIP--just like you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fit+Faith?
Fit+Faith started out as my personal blog to share my own faith-journey and path to a healthier lifestyle. I first started sharing healthy recipes and inspirational quotes to share God's love with others. It blossomed into an active Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook community, with my free private FB group for women, Worthy To Be Me. I'm honored and blessed to be leading a beautiful group of Christian women in that group. If you're not yet a part of it, join us today! Just search Worthy To Be Me inside Facebook. :) See you there!
Is there a meal plan to follow?
No. Our goal is teaching, educating and supporting you in creating sustainable healthy new habits via training, education and support. So no bars or shakes to buy, no pre-packaged meals to order, just learning how to shop, how to eat and how to exercise to achieve lasting and sustained weight loss and energy.
How does the membership work?
The Fit+Faith VIP Membership is a low, monthly, pay-as-you-go Member's Only VIP community for Christian women. You have access to the Member's Only forums and chats and ongoing monthly training and support. Plus you get free access to any and all programs in the Fit+Faith Academy--all included for one low monthly price! Or save 30% and get 3 months free when you sign up for one year! Nowhere else will you find this type of online community of like-minded Christian women, excited to make positive changes in their lives and wanting to go through this journey of life together. Complete with ongoing training, support, and resources to optimize your health, fitness and faith-walk, together.
What if I no longer want to be a VIP Member?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you no longer wish to be a VIP, you can cancel at any time. We have no long-term contracts. Simply contact us and we will cancel your VIP privileges--no questions asked, and you will no longer be charged for future payments.

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